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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dancing through Life with Passion: I am back

Dancing through Life with Passion: I am back: "I took a long hiatus since my last post. I wasn't even sure I would be back to be totally honest. I can give myself excuses and say I've bee..."

I am back

I took a long hiatus since my last post. I wasn't even sure I would be back to be totally honest.
I can give myself excuses and say I've been very busy - which is no news - and yet I know I was "star struck" by other Bloggers I've been following and felt my blog was just a bunch of silly thoughts.

In the past weeks I have been getting ready to start my new goal. I am emotionally aroused by the fact that I am commencing a Yoga Teacher Training next week. It has been some time since I felt those "ants" walking inside my body...the ones that tell me I am scared, anxious, excited and somehow ready to walk this new road.

I have been looking for a preschool for my toddler as well. And believe me, that one ended up being a challenging task. I toured approximately 12 different schools ( maybe a couple more? I lost track! ) only to find myself in such an emotional state; picturing my kid entering every single one of those places; trying to follow my gut; asking parents; checking reviews..oh well. Can you tell I am a first time mom? :)
All in all I now know that feeling of wanting to give your offspring the best. And as I told my mom: I am sure I will be laughing about this struggle when I look back at it in time.

What else? I found myself wanting to sit and blog about tons of emotions, thoughts and things I learn every day; but not necessarily connected to the Israeli Dances I love, learn, teach and enjoy every week. Then I thought..I should be changing the name of this blog; because it is mostly about the dance of life that starts every morning when I wake up, rests only when I do, plus resumes its moves the next time I am up. And boy I am grateful for that!

I don't know if I can convey all the feelings that go through me and help with them the people around. It is my wish though to take this space and turn it into a peaceful, meaningful, reflective cove.
My yoga learning will lead the way and I hope you'll enjoy walking that path together with me.
I am here now. I am dancing. I am breathing.

Friday, January 7, 2011

To rest or not to rest

 I am exhausted. Wait! but we just started the new year! Nonetheless.. I need a vacation!
Oh! Now I remember..I am going on a mini vacation in a week a dance camp!
Excuse me?..What kind of person in her senses would choose a dance camp to rest??
A Dance Weekend event is one where you learn, practice and dance non stop for a few days in a row. Added are the night parties which go until insane hours ...oh yes! This is the PERFECT place to RELAX! least I know there are some others out there who chose to chill with me :)

Let me tell you that if I just wanted to learn the dances I could easily do it by getting the DVD.
The truth is that I go to camp to meet with a bunch of good friends; reconnect with dancers I know from all over the place, get away from city life (there's usually little to no reception in our cell phones), create new memories, enjoy the dancing fun and have that feeling of "living life in a small bubble of joy" that most people who attend can only understand.

I decided to go to Camp Ramah in Ojai, CA because I have good friends coming and I know it is what I need to have a great time next weekend. As a bonus I will get to learn dances from two wonderful, young, energetic teachers coming from Israel and sing many dances while holding hands in the big circle. Yet I gather I will get very little sleep :) But sleep is over rated I heard!

It is going to be the first time leaving my daughter at home as well. She will have two full days with "aba" ( dad ) and I am hoping I will survive missing her :)
But I also believe that my leaving will be very beneficial for both. A happy mom makes a happy kid.
Mommy also needs some time to play with her friends, then return home refreshed.

I do know I will need some sleep adjustment once I am back...still no complaints!
I really hope to see some of my good dancing friends at this relaxed pace Camp that has such a friendly atmosphere you just can't avoid the fun. I am sure we will have some exciting new dances to share together with jokes, musical dinners and just a few laughs about our teachers bloopers :)
I heard there are still some spots left ! If you don't have a plan during Martin Luther King Jr weekend check out and join the fun.

Have a restful weekend  !

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another year has gone by

I am finally sitting in front of my blog again. Busy weeks passed yet this last one is no exception.

This is the time when between dreams, illusions, deceptions and reality we say goodbye to the finishing year and await the brand new one.
While looking back at the experiences we had, the things that helped us become a different human being, the people we loved, the ones we helped, some others we hurt; we also remember the people who left us , others who were sick and recovered, the ones who we decided not to be around anymore, the newborns and the ones we reconnected with; we can see our year has been loaded with emotions and opportunities.
For some of us it may have been a sad and dark year;  for others one full of light and happiness.

Even when we know we are not responsible for everything happening to us, we all have the option and opportunity to make a new start and do the best with what comes to us.
It is important to have a list of resolutions (even if it is only in your head, which means you have a much better memory than mine :). Having a tangible list makes the accomplishments more exciting.

There are some important points to bear in mind in order to start a good year :)
  • Having clear goals
  • Being realistic
  • Creating an action plan
  • Discipline
  • Commitment
  • Willpower  
All of the above needs to be mixed in with patience, flexibility and perseverance. Also major: things lived in the past can be useful to make positive changes.
It is of great significance staying in reality as well as setting goals that are compatible with our way of living.We need to cherish what we have so we can incorporate, learn, get better and continue growing year after year.
When we have a clear goal and visualize it, we have to focus then imagine the benefits of succeeding to bring our goals much closer. Having a plan helps us stick to our destination and even surpass difficulties that may come our way.

Living involves growing, renewing and reinventing ourselves continuously. Resolutions give human beings an opportunity to look into their aspirations, needs and attainments.
Resolutions are inspiring as long as we make them true.
Love and empathy are big in my everyday life and I hope it is somewhere in yours as well.
Wishing all a healthy, filled with accomplishments 2011.

Let's continue, our life is in front of us
it's not late because tomorrow is a new day
the dream will perish if we lose the hope
so reach out to love 
                                                 (From the song "Tikvah"-Hope)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


The yoga class that I take weekly with my toddler had a "family day" due to the end of the year.
This is a program where moms and crawlers/walkers interact during one hour. The adults follow the lead of a wonderful, experienced teacher while we sing kids songs. The babies just follow what we do by copying and/or playing with lots of sized and shaped balls laid down on the floor in advance.

My daughter loves this class since day one; this is why I was very excited to bring "aba" ("dad" in Hebrew - the way she calls him ) to this event.
Luckily there were other dads who joined the afternoon which made it more fun.
The class was so well put together that it was just amazing to see how the little ones interacted, followed, laughed as well as coming to us for hugs and smiles. My daughter's excitement made her run across the room for the first ten minutes :)

The program made me realize how important it is to do things as a family. I mean besides going out on trips, running errands, going to the park..Watching our kid looking at us doing yoga, singing and moving together , having both of us connecting in a different way with her made my day. Children learn from what they experience over what we can say to them. Showing them that we care about our bodies, that we enjoy movement; dancing with them, singing together are all ways to pass health on.

Doing things as a unity gives us a sense of belonging. It conveys responsibility and support in this complex world. Positive actions lead to positive feelings; when acting with thankfulness and enjoyment we transfer those emotions to the ones around. Showing we can learn, make mistakes, fall and stand up again we are preparing our loved ones to walk life better prepared.

In Israeli Folk Dancing I see how sometimes families bring their children along and with time, patience and some luck kids take on the challenge and get into it. It is so nice to see them sharing the passion. Same in many classes at the gym where I see moms and teens sweating yet smiling at each other.
Remember: Being a role model has more value than what words can say. You can't teach something you don't do or believe in your heart. What creates a vivid impression in a child stays in him forever.
Enjoy the holidays among your loved ones!

You are in my heart,
you are the flower that smiles in my soul,
in my soul.
You flow in my blood and in every breath
And for me you will be a little one even when you grow up..
(From Ata Belibi- You are in my heart) 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One day it will happen

I am inspired by some quotes lately..I love that they convey great thoughts to help us reflect.
Today I found the following:

"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain."
Maya Angelou

In the spirit of starting anew I believe this is a very helpful statement. I am often caught up in complaints. I tend to worry a little more than what's needed, and with worry comes stress. Sometimes complaining about something trivial helps even start some conversation, doesn't it?
The truth is that matters to complain about are endless. Who doesn't have reasons to be upset about things that happen at work, among family members, friends, in the streets, to name a few?

The key is to "change the attitude". This sounds great on paper although being able to do it means breaking our old structures. Like I was saying in my last blog, it is about approaching things from a different point of view.
Life can be lived as a long, tedious path or in a positive, creative way. It only depends on us.
If we are accepting, thankful and confident; if we take initiative and are determined to find a purpose in life we will realize how precious and exciting our roads can be.
Yet all of the above makes sense  when our heart is involved. Love is the main ingredient to surpass any challenge.

Wouldn't it be great to start the new year after making a pact with ourselves? From now on I am going to count how many times I complain in a day. After one day, every time I am about to kvetch about a fact I will try to do something about it instead ( or change my attitude towards it if there's nothing else to be done ). Great things come from a bunch of small ones, don't they? :-) Maybe by accomplishing one task a day we find ourselves in a much better place in the short run.

This is it. Another wish for the new and better year to come. It's on my to do list :)

One day it will happen
Without us feeling it, something will change
Something in us will calm down,
will touch us
And there will be nothing to be scared off
( From "Mechakeh"- Waiting )

Monday, December 20, 2010

A change in perspective

T'is  the season to look forward to the things we want to accomplish yet reviewing the ones we did.
My head was moving back and forth between them this morning when I read this quote from Baltasar Gracián y Morales:

"Attempt easy tasks as if they were difficult, and difficult as if they were easy; in the one case that confidence may not fall asleep, in the other that it may not be dismayed."

I got caught by it since I am the type who generally approaches hard tasks with a big amount of concern. If you can picture a serious look, frowning eyebrows and focused mind..that's me!

Have you ever felt at times like you are seeing things more complicated than they really are?  Our minds tend to wrap themselves into suppositions we make from simple situations. "What if this specific thing really means this other one?" "How is it possible to make things simple when everything is so challenging?"
We tend to forget that we need to accept the fact that often things don't have deep explanations.
There are things we just need to take the way they are, the more I look for a deeper meaning, the further away I move from understanding it.

Life is complicated per definition. It would be of great help if we can manage situations and feelings with a "hands on" look: This is what's going on, I need to do "x" to change it. If only it was easy enough!
But remember..not everything that happens to us is personal. There are moments when "it's life". We are not responsible for everything going on around us.
When we take things personally over and over again, it makes us suffer more and find more obstacles to achieve happiness.

So I am thinking that one of my goals for the upcoming year is to "attempt difficult tasks as if they were easy"; or at least easier than what they look. Maybe my 2011 will be happier after all :-) Hope yours is as well!

Let us live this day from the start
give (it) to us beginning to the end
and then you will see how I walk
the straight road and I keep on walking
and walking, and walking.
(From "Hayom Hayom"-Today)