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Friday, January 7, 2011

To rest or not to rest

 I am exhausted. Wait! but we just started the new year! Nonetheless.. I need a vacation!
Oh! Now I remember..I am going on a mini vacation in a week a dance camp!
Excuse me?..What kind of person in her senses would choose a dance camp to rest??
A Dance Weekend event is one where you learn, practice and dance non stop for a few days in a row. Added are the night parties which go until insane hours ...oh yes! This is the PERFECT place to RELAX! least I know there are some others out there who chose to chill with me :)

Let me tell you that if I just wanted to learn the dances I could easily do it by getting the DVD.
The truth is that I go to camp to meet with a bunch of good friends; reconnect with dancers I know from all over the place, get away from city life (there's usually little to no reception in our cell phones), create new memories, enjoy the dancing fun and have that feeling of "living life in a small bubble of joy" that most people who attend can only understand.

I decided to go to Camp Ramah in Ojai, CA because I have good friends coming and I know it is what I need to have a great time next weekend. As a bonus I will get to learn dances from two wonderful, young, energetic teachers coming from Israel and sing many dances while holding hands in the big circle. Yet I gather I will get very little sleep :) But sleep is over rated I heard!

It is going to be the first time leaving my daughter at home as well. She will have two full days with "aba" ( dad ) and I am hoping I will survive missing her :)
But I also believe that my leaving will be very beneficial for both. A happy mom makes a happy kid.
Mommy also needs some time to play with her friends, then return home refreshed.

I do know I will need some sleep adjustment once I am back...still no complaints!
I really hope to see some of my good dancing friends at this relaxed pace Camp that has such a friendly atmosphere you just can't avoid the fun. I am sure we will have some exciting new dances to share together with jokes, musical dinners and just a few laughs about our teachers bloopers :)
I heard there are still some spots left ! If you don't have a plan during Martin Luther King Jr weekend check out and join the fun.

Have a restful weekend  !

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