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Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am back

I took a long hiatus since my last post. I wasn't even sure I would be back to be totally honest.
I can give myself excuses and say I've been very busy - which is no news - and yet I know I was "star struck" by other Bloggers I've been following and felt my blog was just a bunch of silly thoughts.

In the past weeks I have been getting ready to start my new goal. I am emotionally aroused by the fact that I am commencing a Yoga Teacher Training next week. It has been some time since I felt those "ants" walking inside my body...the ones that tell me I am scared, anxious, excited and somehow ready to walk this new road.

I have been looking for a preschool for my toddler as well. And believe me, that one ended up being a challenging task. I toured approximately 12 different schools ( maybe a couple more? I lost track! ) only to find myself in such an emotional state; picturing my kid entering every single one of those places; trying to follow my gut; asking parents; checking reviews..oh well. Can you tell I am a first time mom? :)
All in all I now know that feeling of wanting to give your offspring the best. And as I told my mom: I am sure I will be laughing about this struggle when I look back at it in time.

What else? I found myself wanting to sit and blog about tons of emotions, thoughts and things I learn every day; but not necessarily connected to the Israeli Dances I love, learn, teach and enjoy every week. Then I thought..I should be changing the name of this blog; because it is mostly about the dance of life that starts every morning when I wake up, rests only when I do, plus resumes its moves the next time I am up. And boy I am grateful for that!

I don't know if I can convey all the feelings that go through me and help with them the people around. It is my wish though to take this space and turn it into a peaceful, meaningful, reflective cove.
My yoga learning will lead the way and I hope you'll enjoy walking that path together with me.
I am here now. I am dancing. I am breathing.


  1. I love this essay , sincerity is of high value , but I miss coments
    about rikudim . Go on!!!!!

  2. i miss your posts! i always looked forward to them, but you havent posted before this one since december. please keep posting!